i win :-)

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lowkey enjoying kissing but it’s so weird to me
i don’t get it

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made out with someone that i never thought i would omg 😂😂

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late night conversations

late night conversations

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florida is okay sometimes

florida is okay sometimes

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too early for these feels

too early for these feels

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i miss you
i miss us
i want you
and i want to tell you all of this
but i don’t have the courage
i want you to know how i’m feeling
but is it worth it
will it fix anything

i miss you so much

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taking up a new hobby :-)

taking up a new hobby :-)

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senior year is almost done!

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i really want to post this somewhere :-)

i really want to post this somewhere :-)

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just come and fuck me..

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this right here

this right here is to my best friend. i’ve called a few people my best friend but you were the first. we fell out and came back to each other multiple times but it wasn’t a big deal.

it’s funny how you got a new group of friends and you are no longer my best friend. you’re someone new and i don’t like the new you. you are so easily influenced, how sad.

i have so much to say to you, so many feelings to express but i’m keeping them to myself because you don’t deserve to hear them. i’ll finish what i’m doing for you now but after i’m out. i can’t do this anymore.

out of all people, i never believed you would be the one to do this to me. oh well. everything happens for a reason.

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what if i just died

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